Keith Boadwee 
(Berries 2008)

hippiemusico said: well, i have a few ideas, but it's too late to say them, so don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened

yes, that is what I will have 2 do. 

theskyshowstremblingcartoons said: WHAT DAVE GROHL

YEAH I was at my mom’s boyfriend’s concert and he was randomly there???!?!?!?

hippiemusico said: YOU SHOULD'VE TALKED TO HIM!!!

I KNOW I wanted to rlly bad but like he’s Dave Grohl, what do I even say?/???/?


Anonymous said: . you are definitely v pretty

aw well thank you <3

hippiemusico said: BTW HOW DID THAT GROHL THING GO!?

wELL,  it was interesting. I did not want 2 bother him and seem all “fan-ish” so I just kind of admired him from a close distance and watched him talk and dance and I kinda walked beside him and yeah it was hella cool…..